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Ancient Healing Chants


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May 27th, 2009

Ur site is fantastic! You can't imagine

how many people in-need of just this

kind of medicine, or alternative. Just

consider being told that you have a few

months to live. For sure, you will want

to try something different, even if you

never believed in it. Sometimes this

kind of treatment is the best medicine.

Thanks and God Bless You.

Carol Pasgua

Manila, PI



May 20, 2009

Thank you for your Chant Network.

I have used it several times and loved it.

Told all my friends about it.

Yours truly,

Joey D.

Palo Alto, California USA


17 May 09

Dear Sir,

Your Chant line is a wonderful site.


Julia Ramos

Mexico City



Mr. Perez:

I tried your chant line last week. I had to

register 3 times for the same chant. I did

what you recommended and copied the

chant to my computer. I think I deserve

a refund for the 1st session because the

link dropped unexpectedly.


Petro Simula

Beverly Hills, California


April 30, 2009

Buenas Noches Seņor,

Just wanted to thank you for giving us your

Ancient Chant Web Site. More people will

be using it...soon.


Manuel Roxas

St Thomas, V.I. USA


April 30, 2009

Hola Mr. Perez,

We like your Chant line.

Jaime & Gloria Santa Ana

Orlando, Florida


April 29th, 2009

This will be my 9th time using your chant line.

I didn't realize that the chants change every

week and the chants are so different for men

and women. Great site.

Thanks again,

Nina Palolo

Rochester, New York


Feb. 17, 2009

My girlfriend and I tried out your chant line for

Valentine's. She freaked out but we both love

the chant. Very unique.

Jed - Sarah Fugel

San Antonio, Texas USA


16 February 2009

This is the BEST CHANT site ever.

Thank You!

Emma Jane Souza

Newark, New Jersey



Your site is remarkable. I ran it on my media player

for my friends. They loved it. Guess what? We want

to use it for our new rap sound. The chants are wierd

but awesome.

Darryl James

St. Paul, MN.


January 28, 2009

Dear Mr. Perez,

We love your chant line. By the way, who is doing the

chants? Real deep voice.

Kandy Jessup

San Francisco, California USA


December 16, 2008

I played one of your chants to a friend from Guam. When

I told him that it was the taotaomona chant, he freaked out

and ran out. He told me later that he fears the taotaomonas.

What is a taotaomona?

Conrad Louie




Norbert Perez.

I loved your cultural photo. Please send me an autographed



Molly Torres Hines

Phoenix, Arizona


December 11, 2008


The website is unique and the experience is wonderful.

Best wishes,

Jacob Bean



Dec. 5, 2008

Hi Mr. Perez,

Your photo reminds me of a holy and spiritual man. Your

hair looks groovy, too. How long did you have to grow it?

Kimona Jones

London, England


November 22, 2008

My grandma has cancer and I wanted her to try it out.

We have nothing to lose. The doctors gave her a few

months to live.

Thank you very much,

Chyene Mindelle



Nov. 21, 2008


My name is Geri and I live in Peru. I came across your

web site while surfing the net. What a wonderful program.

My sister loves your picture. The more I look at it, the more

I get attracted to it. Is this some kind of Hypnosis?


Geri Hodinorissi




Dear Mr. Perez,

Thank you for your reply. My wife and I are interested in

your chant line. We have yet to try it out, but we have been

doing some research. There is no doubt that ancient

civilizations used chants and sound therapy. I am not sure

about the light therapy, however.

Thanks for your help.

Martin and Lucille Pero

Albany, New York USA


October 6, 2008

Hello Norbert Perez,

Because I was curious, I goggled your name and came

up with some interesting information about you. I admire

the many wonderful things you have done for your people,

your island and your culture. As the King of your islands,

I am sure that it is your duty to promote your traditions.

Good job.

Henrietta Loomis

Goose Creek, South Carolina


September 28th, 2008

Just wondering....Have you made a lot of money with

this Chant site? I'm pretty sure you have.

Bree Ann Williams

Big Spring, Texas


August 4, 2008

Hey Norbert,

Mauleg na website. I remembered you on Guam

when you first came up with this concept. Many

people thought you were a weirdo. I bet you're still

laughing to the bank. Good work, saina.

Si Frankie,

Talofofo, Guam USA


July 20, 2008

Salud seņor,

What a wonderful site. Most chants come in

CDs and DVDs. Yours is inspiring cause it is

interactive and folks get the kind of chant they

want and need for their sickness.

Warm wishes Seņor,

Eva Langston

British Columbia


July 18, 2008
Thank You  for your Chant Line.
Love it so much, I've been telling
everyone at work. I also ordered
the light machine.
Lina Ching
Hilo, Hawaii
May 16, 2008
What does 'taotaomona' mean?
Great Chant Website!
Drew Lennon,
Perth, Australia
Bless you, Mr. Perez.
Your healing chant site is amazing.
As more and more people find out
and experience it, they will appreciate
your work
Darlene Wright
Kansas City, Kansas
April 10, 2008
Hello my friend.
Just wanted to commend you for creating the
ancient healing chant website. I used it today
for the first time and I liked it.
Carlo Ponti
Newark, New Jesey
March 17, 2008
Hafa Dai,
Thank you Che'lu for
your taotaomona chant line.
It is 1 awesome network.
Si Jon Guerrero
Fairfield, California
March 14, 2008
I have to admit, your chant line is
great. Keep up the fine work.
Felix Helm
Augusta, GA
feb 6th, 2008
My sincerest thanks for giving us
your chant line. My wife has a terminal
illness and it has raised her spirits high.
I am more excite than she about the new
treatment. Whether it worked or not, I know
we are closer and better for it. Thanks.
Kyle Frank, Lake Erie, Michigan.
November 22, 2007
Thanks for your website, Mr. Perez.
It is unique and captivating.
Bless Your Heart.
Rose Manning
October 29, 2007
Love Ur Chant Line.
Best wishes,
Paul Krantz
Seattle, Washington
Great website, Norbert.
You are one smart dude.
Good luck,
Francine Dewey
Albany, New York
Dear Sir,
I have your chant recorded to my computer.
I have played it numerous times but I get no
results. Am I doing it right? Please respond.
Mick Fawn
London, England
December 13, 2006
Praise The Lord.
I like using your chant line
I never thought I would cater
to something outside my beliefs.
Rudi Jamison
Frankfurt, Germany
Dear Mr. Norbert Perez.
I like your chant website.
Yours truly,
Hilda Mansfried
May 12, 2006
Awesome site!!!!
Omar Franklin
New York City, NY
December 1, 2005
Thank you so very much for your Chant Line.
What a simple and unique healing method.
Teaching me to heal myself is awesome.
More people need your chant line, if not for
self-improvement and self-understanding.
Thanks alot.
Peter Kalama
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
November 29, 2005
Hello Mr. Norbert Perez.
Your new chant line is kool. Especially
where I lie back and listen to the chants
in the comfort of my own living room. Self
help is what the world needs.
Thank you so much.
Elaine Johnson
Pensacola, Florida USA
I honestly enjoyed using your chant line. Thanks.
Lina Morris
Austin, Texas
Thanks for your Chant Line.
I like the therapy options.
Jake Gorman
Eugene, Oregon
November 15
I love your new Healing Line. It suits me just fine.
Omar Peete
Kansas City, Kansas
13 November 2005
Please accept my sincerest appreciation
for your healing line. I started yesterday and
I loved the experience. Having a terminal
illness is not easy but I believe I will get
through this. Thanks to my loving family for
allowing me to try your line.
Most appreciated.
Jennifer Saloma
British Columbia
Thank You for your Ancient Healing Line.
Primo Cruz
Mexico City
Nov. 1st.
Hi!  I enjoyed your chant line. I believe
it is already working.

Sandra Holt
St Paul, Minnesota
October 27, 2005
Great site. Technology has come a long ways.
Edmund & Denise Parkinson
Tyler, Texas
I'm a frequent visitor to your Taotaomona Line.
I've downloaded the chants many times and
I can tell you that they have helped me out.
Jori Lam
Maui, Hawaii
Came across your chant line while surfing the net.
I want to try it but I'll have to wait til I return
home from deployment. My wife and I are going
through marital problems and this may help us.
It is surely cheaper than seeing those shrinks.
Mike Flanagan
San Diego, California
04 October 2005
My friend turned me on to your line. She thought
it was most unusual though the entire world is
knee-deep into chanting. Thanks.
Roberta Faris
Rome, Italia
September 19, 2005
Just wanted to thank you for your healing line.
You are a god-send for the millions of us in need
of help.
Flora Minise
Long Branch, NJ
Sept. 09, 2005
Self healing is a function of the body.
God created us with a most unique asset.
Your body will tell you if anything is wrong.
It's up to us to listen and seek appropriate
Warm wishes,
Regina Munoz
Denver, Colorado U.S. of A.
Wow! What an experience. Your chantline is great.
I will use it regularly.
Martina Jones
August 29, 2005
Best regards and Thanks for your new
Chant Line. An interactive Chant system
is perfect for me. Unlike the Shintos who
have to recite their chants, I can put mine
on repeat and just concentrate. Or I can recite
along with the playback.
This new line is ingenious.
Geoff Flint
Albany, New York
August 21, 2005
Hello Sir(s)
Wish to convey my appreciation for
giving us your chant line for healing.
I know of many, many people  here in
New York City who could trip out using
your system of self-healing. I plan to
share it with my friends and family.
Georgia Frome
New York City, NY
Wonderful Chant Line.
Best wishes....
Quincy Rallis
Omaha, NE
Mr. Perez,
I have a physical problem with my
back suffered from an accident.
The pain I get each morning is
excruciating. Without the pain killers,
I would probably go mad. I know the
medications are killing me already so I had
to find some other treatment to get off
them. Your chant line is very promising
since it will allow my body to heal itself.
My sincerest appreciation to you, sir. I
advise you how my treatment is coming
Naomi Petersin
June 14, 2005
What a great line. The best thing about it
is you can copy the chant and replay them
at your convenience.
Edie Olaski
Chcago, Illinois
May 20, 2005
Hi There!
Thanks for giving us your chant line.
I have benefitted alot. Plus, I honestly
enjoyed the sessions. I called them
my reflection periods. My husband is
beginning to believe and wants his own
reflection period, too. Thanks.
Jeanie Canton
St Paul, Minn.
May 19, 2005
Dear Sir,
Your chant therapy has helped me.
I can't believe how powerful those
chants were. Your chant system beats
going to a therapist and paying $150.00
an hour. Thank you sir.
Dale Pang
San Francisco, California 
May 18, 2005
Hello Aniti,
Your chant therapy was awesome!!!!
I loved it!!!
Thanks for everything.
Best wishes,
Peter Forest
Billings, Montana 
Dear Sir,
I truly enjoyed your chant therapy.
I will use it regularly. I have been
telling all my friends and family to
try it out. If you played it loud enough,
you can feel the ancient vibrations.
Thank you so much.
Dane Patterson
Memphis, Tenn.
Hello Mr. Perez,
Your Aniti chants really worked for me.
Thanks a million.
Always a friend,
Doreen Galespie
San Antonio, Texas
May 7, 2005
Dear Taotaomona,
Thanks for your chant line. Your therapy
is so unique and so easy to use. The monks
in Tibet could sure use the technology.
Jessica Zimmerman
Albany, New York
May 6th
I had to write and express my gratitude.
Your chant helped me or I should say:
'it helped me to help myself'. What powerful
therapy. My friends are already asking
whatever brought on the change in my
attitude and personality?
Best wishes and thanks again.
Yuki Sakamoto
Tokyo - Japan
*Now living in NYC.
Dear Taotaomona,
Today is a lucky day. It is the 5th day
of the 5th month in the year 2005. Your
chant made it even more lucky. My
sincerest thanks.
Pauline Parker
Los Angeles, California USA
We downloaded your chant at one of our
Network meetings and replay it back at hi
volume. The vibrations are euphoric and
captivating. Your ancestors were awesome
Your friend,
Adam Coolidge
New Zealand
Hi there!
Had a great time with your chant therapy.
Will I use it again? Of course! Appreciate
your follow-up,
Henry Ublick
Atlanta, Georgia
May 2nd, 2005
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You.
Your Chant Line worked for me!
Selina Fowler,
McLean, VA
We love your new chant therapy. It's a wonderful
experience and we will continue to use it.  Relaxing
and feeling the chants coursing thru our senses
gave us a high. My wife and I recorded the chants
for male and female. We take the therapy at the same
time. While I listen to my chant, my wife would massage
and caress me. I do the same for her. Believe us, the
experience is unique and humbling.
Our heartfelt gratitude,
Michael & Rebeka Norton
Sunnyvale, CA.
May 1st, 2005
Your ancient chants are remarkable.
If it helped me, I'm sure it will help every
human being in the universe. Check it out.
The experience is worth the $15.99.
Whether you believe or not is a NON-Issue.
Try it out and enjoy the sessions.
You will agree with me that sound therapy
Thank you very much.
Jorge Benson
Palm Beach, FL. 
April 29, 2005
Hola Seņor,
Your chant line is neat. I enjoyed it very much.
Betty Figueroa
Mexico City, Mexico
Apr. 28th
Hello Mr. Perez,
I never thought I would be emailing
you but I have to express my sincerest
thanks. I downloaded your chant last
month and I have been taking your
therapy at least four times a week.
I'm happy to say that not only did
I enjoy the sessions but I've seriously
found myself again. Depression is a
sickness of the mind and body. Your
chant line is a worthwhile investment.
$15.99 is petty change compared to the
thousands I have invested in therapists.
Thank you Mr. Perez.
Yours forever,
Jillian Keyes
Ft. Worth, Texas
Wanted to express my gratitude for your
chant line. I have cancer and going through
Chemo Therapy. I have nothing to lose and
everything to gain. For sure, your chant line
has given me a better perspective about
my past, my present and my future. Lying
next to my PC and listening to your ancient
chant has given me HOPE. It was something
I honestly needed. Thanks.
Mrs. Ginger Garvey
San Jose, California
April 25, 2005
Dear Sir(s):
Thanks for your Ancient Healing Chant Line.
At first, I thought it was a joke. But as I began
researching Sound Therapy and Vibrations
Therapy, I became more convinced that it really
works. If the ancient people believed in such
therapy and it worked for them, why won't it work
for us, now. One thing for sure, it helped me become
more sensitive to who and what I am. I also enjoy
sitting around my computer, with the lights off and
simply listening to the chants. Truly remarkable.
Thanks again.
Jody Baines
St. Petersburg, VA
23rd April 2005
Dear Taotaomona Chant Line,
I am a housewife and recovering
alcholic. I used to have a busy
social life until the booze got
to me and everything went downhill.
Your chant line has given me hope.
Instead of just moping and fighting
the urge to drink, I sit back and
listen to your chants. My husband
and children told me about your
new therapy. What the hell...I
had nothing to lose. I've been
through so many therapies, AAAs
and hospitals. It is working so
far. Thank you very much.
Rita Ann Borden
San Luis Obispo, California
April 19, 2005
I like your chant line. The first
time I used it, I was scared. The
sounds are a bit scary. But once
I got down to relaxing, I actually
started feeling good. I had a problem
with my Mother and I couldn't  get
over it. Your therapy gave me the
opportunity to look back at everything
my Mom has done for me and what she
really means to me. I know that I
love her and I would not be able to
live with myself should something
ever happen. Thank you and God Bless.
Nicole Bledrow
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida USA
I am a shy person and I hardly socialize
 My biggest problem, I feel, is my lack of
confidence. Your chant line has given me
alot to think about. It doesn't really matter
what people think it's what I think of myself.
Since using your chant therapy, I have come
to realize that if I just learn to be myself,
everyone will accept me for who and what
I am. Thank you so much for your help.
Eddie Platt
Sidney, Australia
13 April 2005
Your new chant line therapy is unusual
but effective. I am a recovering drug addict
and the urge to go back to my habits come
to me regularly. Whenever I get these urges,
I now lock myself in my room, turn on my
computer and let your chants run through my
veins and senses. I play it loud to force me to
stay focused. It really works. Thank you.
Paul Zimmerman
(not my real name)
Austin, Texas USA 
April 10, 2005
Hafa Adai Che'lu,
I tried out your Taotaomo'na Chant Line today.
The treatment was amazing. I did everything
you instructed and went through a one hour
session. I honestly enjoyed it. The one hour
therapy was like a time-out period which gave
me a better sense of my life and my reason for
being. Thank you very much. I will download the
chants every month.
James Camacho
Fairfield, California
Your chant line was great. I have
not tried it yet but I hope to check
it out this week. I think the therapy
sessions will work with just about
everyone, considering the fast-paced
world we live in. Just sitting back and
listening to the chants will give a person
chills forcing them to 'look within'
Erin Marshall
Montreal, Canada
March 29, 2005
Message for Aniti Chant Line.
Thank you so much for your Chant
Line. I started using it last
month. At first, I was skeptical
but since following your instructions,
I am now a firm believer in your
therapy. Your ancestors must be the
Thank you.
Jane Blankenship
Canton, Ohio
21 Mar 05
Hello Sir:
Just wanted to say Thanks for creating the
Taotaomona Chant Line. It is amazing how
your ancestors used healing chants thousands
of years ago. More amazing is how you have
captured their practice to help everyone worldwide.
I salute you sir.
Bob Newsome
Liverpool, England
March 12th
Thank you Taotaomo'na Chant Line.
You've helped me so much.
Lorin Nastolvic
St. Petersburg, Russia
February 2005
Your Aniti Chant Line works for ME.
Kamish Alphadi
Thank you for creating the Taotaomona
Chant Line. I have been using the line
since December 2004. It works very well
for me. It is cheaper than paying a therapist.
The nice thing about your chant line is that
I am actually curing myself.
Thank you.
Edmund Evans
New York City, New York
February 09, 2005
Hi Mr. Perez,
You are a genius. Your new
Taotaomo'na Chant Line will
help millions of people around
the world. I use it everytime
I feel depressed and down on
myself. I have been telling all
my friends here in Chicago.
Eva Jerrot
Chicago, IL
Feb 3rd, 2005
Dear Taotaomo'na Owner.
Your Chant Line is GREAT. We had a group
session with all my girlfriends. Like me, they
were skeptical at first. Once we played it on
my computer media player at the dorm and
we sat back and relaxed...everything changed.
We will continue to use it and hoping everyone
else will. Your chant line will change the world.
It changed us.
The Seniors
Class of 05 @ Florida State University.
Laura Ann
January 29, 2005
Your chant therapy is awesome. my wife
and I use it regularly and it has brought us
closer. Thank you Taotaomo'na.
Respectfully yours,
Robert & Tammy Murphy
Spokane, Washington