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Ancient Healing Chants


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Ancient tradition can blend with modern technology

By Poonam Hemlani
Variety News Staff

VIBRATIONS and sound therapy in the form of “chanting” have been around since time immemorial. The monks of Katmandu have been chanting for thousands of years; the Christians call it “prayer” (which in the last hundred years became known as “Gregorian chants for healing”). The native American Indians, the Incas, the Maoris of New Zealand, the ancient Hawaiians, and just about every ancient civilization used sound therapy through “chanting” in their daily activities.
The ancient Chamori people of Guahan took the art one step further by correlating the chants with the lunar cycle and the footprints of the stars in the heavens. It is a scientific fact that the lunar cycle with its magnetic lines of force affect the oceans, the tides and thus impacting every living form on planet earth, especially us humans. The Taotaomo’nas or “people from before” understood that living beings emanate a force field, which is cyclically responsive to the lunar force fields. The human field differs genetically between males and females. In this regard the “chants for men” differ from the “chants for women” and the chants for each of the thirteen months of the lunar calendar differ, as well.
The Aniti Chant Line and the Taotaomo’na Chant Line have been on the Internet since the year 2000 and are the first of their kind in the world. It can be accessed at www. and are specifically created for physical, mental and spiritual healing. The ancient people of Taotaomo’nas practiced a unique but scientific method of healing through chants. They believed that special chants organized in certain tones, pitch and harmony tempers a person to exert positive receptor fluids that activate an internal charge mechanism.
The sites are linked to other ancient healing chant sites such as, and, allowing customers to download chants, save them in their media player and play them when they wish to proceed with their therapy sessions.
Testimonial pages include people expressing their gratitude and attesting that the chants have been effective for them. Norbert Perez who runs the site says “as far as negative results, we have yet to receive any. “Eva Jerrot who lives in Chicago, wrote to Perez in her testimonial in February “You are a genius. Your new Taotaomo’na Chant Line will help millions of people around the world. I use it every time I feel depressed and down on myself. I have been telling all my friends here in Chicago.”
As for effectiveness and non-believers, Perez said, “a lot of people worldwide are starting to see the rationale of sound therapy and vibration therapy.
The Governor of Georgia has implemented a program to give classical music CDs to all new-born babies in the state.” Perez concludes, “I am so glad my ancient Chamori ancestors developed the program first, 5,000 years ago.”